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Iron Maiden has been rocking the world with its heavy metal songs since 1975 and is still going strong with tickets for their shows available at CheapoTicketing. It was founded by Steve Harris in Leyton, East England and he served as primary songwriter and bassist. The band has released 41 albums so far. The list includes 17 studio albums, 13 live albums, four extended play records and seven compilations. They have also released 20 video albums and 47 single tracks. The Iron Maiden song tracks have been included in two video games while their virtual personas have appeared in several other video games.

Iron Maiden

They tasted success in the early 1980s. they were the pioneers of the new wave of British Heavy Metal. After some changes, the band made some songs on UK and US albums.  Here is a list of their best albums: –

  • Killers- 1981
  • The number of the beast- 1982
  • Peace of mind- 1983
  • Powerslave- 1984
  • Life after death- 1985
  • Somewhere in time- 1986
  • Seventh son of a seventh son- 1988
  • No prayer for the dying- 1990
  • Fear of the dark- 1992

Band’s album the number of the best featured Bruce Dickinson as lead singer after Paul DiAnno could not continue. The switch played out a turning point in their career and established them as the biggest heavy metal bands of all time.

The statistics reflect that the album was a huge success and it had sold over 14 million copies till 2010 in the world. Bruce Dickinson and Adrian Smith joined the band as lead vocalist and guitarist respectively in 1999. Their collaboration gave the world more hit songs and a series of new albums.

The final frontier was released in 2010 and was acclaimed to be No.1 in 28 countries. The book of souls was released in September 2015. It was their 16th studio album. It also came up to No. 1 in the list of chartbusters of 24 counties. Recently, the band has released Senjutsu.

Iron Maiden is a successful heavy metal band that has managed to stay relevant to date. They have sold 100 million copies worldwide. MD Daily Record claims that all the audio-visual releases of the band so far have sold over 200 million copies in the world on various streaming devices such as VHSs, CDs, and DVDs.

The Iron Maiden is seen as a rock band that inspired heavy metal rock to reach new heights. It fuelled life to a new genre of rock altogether that is becoming an art form. The band’s music and approach has always garnered positive response from critics.

The lyrics of their songs are set in various themes of history, literature, religion, myths, war, and society. They have played on 2500 live shows till now and their concerts have received a total footfall of tens of millions of fans. They have been represented by their mascot Eddie who appears in every show and album.

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